TV Rewind: Terriers – “Ring-a-Ding-Ding”

Put a ring on it

So much drama last night. Hank and Gretchen. Hank and Britt. Britt and Kate. Kate and Hank. It was a character focused episode, and I couldn’t have been happier about it. It’s what the show needed to make us truly love these characters. I applaud thee. Terriers you may take your prize as the best new show of the season. Congratulations. Now, on to business. Where to begin? I suppose the beginning is always best (Psst . . . SPOILER ALERT!).

As Gretchen’s (Hank’s ex) new marriage approaches, the gang – Hank, Stephanie, Britt, and Kate – are all sipping cocktails and feeling awkward at her engagement party. Later Gretchen’s fiance Jason, confronts Hank. He knows that Hank is going to be in their lives. He just wants to let him now that their happy and nothing is going to stand in his way from marrying Gretchen (Uh. Oh).

Stephanie: “I’m Hank’s pity date, but we’re not sleeping together.”

As the merriment ensues, Britt steps away. He admits to Hank that he feels it’s time for him to ask Kate to marry him. Hank isn’t too thrilled with the idea, since he feels it would change his relationship with Britt.

Hank: (To Britt) “I haven’t seen you this way since we listened to Wuthering Heights on tape.”

Cue parallel story line (A.k.a The Case of the Week!). Hank and Britt are hired to retrieve a missing ring for a couple. The wife is sick and fears that she doesn’t have much time left, so she wants to give the ring to her son. Enter the sleazy husband, who give a false story, testimony, etc, for his wife’s benefit. He later tells Hank and Britt the real reason behind the missing ring: a mistress. The sleazy husband gave her the ring, thinking that they were going to be together after his wife died, but the mistress left him and took the ring with her. They find her at a hair salon, and not so skillfully get the information they were looking for. It seems she sold the ring to a street market, who then sold it to a tattooed-heavily pierced guy, who then sold it to a pot dealer, who then sold it to the woman who hired them in the first place. It’s confusing, I know. The truth was, that she didn’t even know the ring was missing until she found it at her dealers. She traced the ring back to the street market, where the woman told her about the mistress. She only told her sleazy husband it was missing to see how he would react. So why hire Hank and Britt? To get the name of the mistress and take her down. I kid. Actually, so she can change her will and get a divorce.

The wife asks them to do her another favor. To get the ring back, which is currently inside her home (It’s not like they haven’t done this before). All seems successful, until they hear that the wife has gone missing from the hospital. And also find out where she gets her wigs. Any guesses? Anyone? That’s right, the salon where the mistress works. That can only mean one thing. The wife tries to confront the mistress at the salon, only to find out that she has a daughter. A daughter who looks a lot like the sleazy husband (Jeez). Hank and Britt take her back to the hospital. They try to give the ring to their lawyer, but the only thing they can do is keep it safe until the son is old enough. Case over.

Meanwhile, Kate has done a bad thing. After several drinks and some karaoke, she sleeps with her professor. She goes to Hank and confesses. He tells her the best thing to do is to never tell Britt about what happened. He knows it would kill him. Kate feels as if she isn’t good enough for Britt, and admits she wanted to have an affair. She was scared of committing. The episode ends as Hank holds Kate in his arms, and tries to reassure her. But, she can’t lie. She has to tell him the truth.

I have a feeling that the drama is far from over. My predictions: 1. Hank is going to try to win Gretchen back. After the whole Jason thing, he’s going to do what he’s going to do. 2. Kate is going to try several times to tell Britt the truth, but something will always stop her. I bet he’s going to find out from the professor, or from Hank. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty. 3. I see a Hank and Jason showdown in the future. Just sayin’.

What did you think of last nights episode? What are your predictions for Hank & Gretchen, and Britt & Kate? Tell me in the comments!

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