TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Plan B”

He’ll rip your heart out

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Wow. I mean, wow. Our fangtastic primetime soap opera returned in full force after a week hiatus and knocked us out of our seats. Seriously, did anyone see any of that coming? No? I didn’t think so.

A short-lived character is now gone, another character that I constantly make fun is lying on her death-bed, and our favorite couple is barely hanging on by a thread. It’s a lot for one episode. So let’s get to it. For those fang lovers who watched on the edge of their seats Thursday, onwards and downwards! To the rest of you, SPOILER ALERT!

The one thing common to all vampire stories: You can make out with your super hot vampire boyfriend, in your bed, with parentals in the house, and nothing will happen. You can add that to the “100 or more reasons why fiction is better” list.

Going back and forth between Stefan and Elena, and Katherine and Mason’s make out sessions, we understand that these are two very different relationships. Elena trusts Stefan completely, even allowing him to take his daily dose of her blood. Mason, on the other hand, is still a bit apprehensive to give Katherine the moon stone, even though he truly believes she loves him (Mistake!). Excuse me? When did it become socially acceptable for a vampire and a werewolf to be in a relationship together? I know this is 2010, but that just isn’t right. Do the words “mortal enemy” mean anything, anymore?

As the town comes together to prepare for the Masquerade (Do these people ever just sit home on a Saturday?), cool Aunt Jenna – who gets to have THREE lines this episode – tells Stefan that the game is up. She knows about his frequent sleepover’s with Elena (Busted!). Of course, she vows to pretend like it never happened. I say this bumps her up to #2 for “Most Oblivious Parent.” Charlie Swan is gaining some competition.

Meanwhile, Jeremy took a little trip the Salvatore mansion to see Damon. Damon is reluctant to let him in, so Jeremy uses his bargaining chip. He tells Damon that he knows who has the moon stone (That would be, Tyler). Later, my favorite Mystic Falls resident – Alaric – drops in with some more of Isobel’s research. Apparently, the moon stone is what seals the werewolf curse. And what seals it, must break it. Right?

Back at the Lockwood’s, Elena fills Bonnie in on the whole fake fighting and Caroline situation. Bonnie is still apprehensive to trust Caroline, but Elena tries to set the record straight. She tells Bonnie to blame Katherine (Duh) for the new vampire transformation, not Caroline. Somehow, Bonnie still can’t trust Caroline. Afterward, Mason is surprised to see Stefan breathing and alive (You know, for a vampire). Enter the beloved snarky, Stefan. Isn’t he the best? Bonnie walks by and accidentally touches Mason. A vision commences. She tells Stefan that she saw Mason and Elena kissing. Only, he realizes who it really was. Katherine.

Damon couldn’t really accept that Mason and Katherine were together. He knew she was playing Mason, but why? (Hello! The moon stone!). Jeremy tries to get the moon stone from Tyler, but he already gave it to Mason. Stefan and Damon  – using their super vampire hearing – hear this and go get Bonnie. They need her help to know if Mason already gave the moon stone to Katherine. She does her exploding brain trick with Mason, Damon knocks him out and takes him away to the Salvatore mansion.

He chains him up, using Mason’s own constraints (Werewolves), and places a tarp over the rug. You know, because Damon hates getting blood on the floor. Bonnie uses her witchy powers to find out where the moon stone is. It’s in a well, on the edge of the Lockwood estate. As Bonnie tries to leave, she see’s Caroline. She wants to help. Bonnie protests, but ultimately agrees for the former best friend to accompany her to the well.

Damon stays, and begins the Dean Winchester-esque torture treatment (Using up all his anger on his enemy’s). However, Mason isn’t giving anything away, until Jeremy shows up with a present from Isobel’s research. Wolfsbane or poison for those supernatural beings with large amounts of hair (Vervain for werewolves). Damon uses it to torture Mason even further. He demands an answer for why Katherine is in Mystic Falls. Mason tells him that she’s there because of him and that Damon is just jealous (Wrong answer).

Damon shoves the wolfsbane into Mason’s mouth. Blood, blood, and more blood. Then Mason reveals that Katherine told him that she’s going to use the moon stone to lift the curse. He loves her and she loves him. Jeremy tries to stop Damon from killing Mason, but to him, it’s killed or be killed. Jeremy leaves. Damon tells Mason that Katherine is just playing him and that she will rip his heart out like this. Then it happened. Damon ripped Mason’s heart out. He ripped it out. Literally, he ripped his heart out. That heart is out of his body and in Damon’s hand. I never really liked the guy, but he didn’t need to have his heart ripped out. I guess it was all for the sake of literary irony. Katherine ripped Damon’s heart out. He loved her, she never really loved him. So it was only right for him to do the same to the thing she loved, even if it was to the literal extent. Vampires. They have a hard time with letting go.

All the while, Stefan begins looking for the moon stone at the well. He drops down into the water, only to find it filled with vervain (No!). Hearing Elena scream, Caroline and Bonnie arrive and try to help. They use the severely heavy chain next to the well to lower Elena into the water. She wraps Stefan around the chain and Caroline pulls him up. Elena stays behind to find the moon stone and be harassed by snakes (Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?). She reaches under the water and grabs a wooden box. Caroline brings her up unharmed (Really?). Elena see’s Stefan bruised and bloody, then gives him her blood (Does anyone else see this as a bad thing?).

Caroline goes back to her mom, who is still in the Salvatore basement, and relays the events of her day. The two share a bond that they haven’t had in a long while. It seems that the vampire hunter Sheriff is now accepting of her vampire daughter. She tells Caroline that she will protect her secret and she doesn’t have to compel her. Caroline understands that even though her mother will protect her secret, she won’t protect the others secret. So in a very sad and intense scene, Caroline compels her mother to forget everything that has happened.

Upstairs, Stefan returns with a healthy glow and the moon stone. Damon is busy wrapping up Mason’s dead body and creating a cover for Mason’s sudden disappearance. He text’s Tyler’s mom telling her that “Mason” left for Florida and wont be back. Later, she tells Tyler the news and he seems fine. Mason got what he wanted, why should he stay?

Then looking though Mason’s phone, Damon decides to call the last number dialed. Bad idea. Really, bad idea. Being over one hundred years old, you would think he would have the good sense to let sleeping dogs lie. But, that just isn’t our Damon. Who should be on the other end of that call? Why it’s non other than that resident bitch vampire, Katherine. Recalling the busy events of his day – killing Mason and finding the moon stone – Damon gives away everything the good guys were hiding in their bag of tricks. Katherine told him that he didn’t know what he had just done. Not only does she have a plan B, but has plans A – Z all wrapped up and waiting for him. Damon wasn’t so able to boast, anymore. She told him to tell send her love to Stefan and then proceeded to hang up. All I have to say to Damon, is “Baby did a bad thing.”

Elena finally got home to find Aunt Jenna and Alaric making dinner, plus having a make out session of their own. Can you blame the woman? Jenna gabbed on the phone then handed it to Elena (It’s for you). Surprise! Katherine was on the other end, asking her how her little early morning bed romp with Stefan had played out this morning. As the story goes, Katherine posed as Elena to remove all the vervain from the home (Aunt Jenna’s perfume included) and to set up camp in Jenna’s mind. For day’s, Katherine used Jenna as a spy, making her tell everything that was going on in the room upstairs. And unlike Elena, Jenna listens. And by listens, I mean plunging a kitchen knife into herself at the request of Katherine. Well, there goes her two lines per every other episode. Damn. She survived. Anyone else feel like the awkward inclusion of Aunt Jenna is just a storyline that needs to be axed? She’s serving no real purpose, except to have more Alaric scenes. Wait. Never mind! I changed my mind. Team Jenna forever. And more Alaric, please.

Through all this drama, Elena and Jeremy were having some of their own. The former brother and sister, now turned cousins (?), were having a little dispute. Jeremy more or less blames Elena for his situation. You know, the one where he knows vampires, werewolves, and witches exist. If that were me, I’d want to be in the know. And if Aunt Jenna is good for anything, it’s reuniting the two once again. Jeremy vows that Katherine is going to pay. So I guess that means, we will have to say goodbye to Jeremy soon. Vengeance is never good. Even if he does make it, I bet Stefan is going to be the one taking the hit for him. Either way, it’s not going to be good.

Even Elena knows that not everyone is going to come out alive, especially her and Stefan’s relationship. Elena blames herself for Jenna’s condition. They didn’t listen to Katherine, so she’s making them pay. Elena knows how much Stefan loves her, and how much she loves him, but she can’t do it anymore. With tears streaming down his face, Stefan knows what happens next. It’s over (Boo!). Elena keeps it together the best she can, before Damon steps in. He sincerely apologizes for taunting Katherine, but she knows it wasn’t his fault. For the first time, she doesn’t blame him. “Katherine won.”

In the final scene of the night, Katherine is recruiting someone new. Someone who looks familiar. Someone who is really familiar. Uh. Oh. It’s Matt! No. No. No. No. No. I am not for this one. Can’t the guy get some peace? His mom’s a weirdo, he lost his vampire sister, he’s about to lose his vampire girlfriend, and now he’s about to lose his life?! No way! Katherine compel’s him (Why didn’t anyone give him some vervain?) to go after Tyler and not stop until Tyler kills him. All this for a new werewolf. Jeez.

The Vampire Diaries

What? A cliffhanger? Dang it all. What did you think of Thursday’s episode? What do you think will happen next? Will they kill Katherine? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    JSYK, I was going CRAZZZYYY during this episode. I had no idea what was the plot line surrounding this episode (was there even a preview for it – I don’t remember) so I was just like..”Ooh TVD is on, let me just watch”. Could I JUST watch? No, my mouth kept hanging open. I felt like I kept getting bitch slapped from one cheek to the next and no I did not see that coming.

    As for Matt – give the guy a break! I mean I can understand if he dies, I don’t see his purpose in the show anymore. Sure Caroline is gonna get PISSED if Katherine offs him, so that should be interesting.

    BTW, Your review was late & I was on pins & needles waiting for it – Glad you’re feeling better :).

    1. I know I was late! Ah! I’m so sorry! But, I am feeling much better. Thank you! 🙂

      I don’t remember any previews for it either. That week hiatus messed everything up. I say this episode had almost as many WTF? moments as the season 2 opener. It was insane! Every episode keeps getting better and better. I don’t know how my nerves are going to handle the season finale if this amount of drama continues. 😉

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