Press Play Friday: Music Obsession – Florence + The Machine

Cosmic Love

Hello, my fellow music addicts. Happy Press Play Friday! I really don’t even have to ask if you have a music obsession. I know you do. If you’re like me, music is always playing. There’s always a song running in your mind, trying very hard to keep you from doing your work. It’s probably at that point when you have to stand up and say, “Hi. My name is Kim and I am a music addict.”

Music obsession is a wonderful thing. I think. I really don’t know if listening to an album, maybe several albums on repeat for hours on end, or searching for anything about you new favorite artist is healthy. It might being wavering on the edge a bit.

When I tried to think of which artist to feature this week, my mind went blank. As impossible as it sounds, I couldn’t think of an artist to feature. For probably the past couple weeks, it’s been non-stop Florence + The Machine. I’ve been obsessed since June, but recently I find myself listening to her All. The. Time. I’ve already featured Flo on my second ever PPF and a couple other posts as well. I didn’t want to repeat myself. It was a mind block. Either feature Florence again, – and say the words Amazing and Awesome a lot – or deal with the disastrous results from failure to post a Press Play Friday? I chose the first. I’m sorry. I’m obsessed. It’s true. Can you blame me, really? If you’re a Flo fan, I don’t think you can. Here are a couple of my favorite Florence + The Machine songs.


Hospital Beds (Cold War Kids cover)


What is your music obsession? Which artist or song makes you a certified music addict? Do you love Florence + The Machine? What is your favorite Florence + The Machine song? Tell me in the comments!

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