Supernatural Rewind: “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

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It’s rare, but it does happen. Friday’s episode of Supernatural wasn’t the best. Was it? I don’t know. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it, either. Remember that one scene with adorkable Sam? Yeah, I loved that. The other stuff, not so much. Maybe it’s the fact that even seeing (Or hearing) dogs (Fake ones) get hurt, makes me squirm in my seat. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re used to having significant plot twists and mucho action most of the time this season. Or the fact that after last weeks BOOM! BANG! BOOM! episode, no matter what happened this week, it would be a let down. Maybe it’s a combination of all of it. I just don’t know. No matter what the case, let’s break down All Dogs Go to Heaven. Shall we? Good. For those of you who have seen Friday’s episode, onwards and downwards. The rest of you . . . see the ball? See the ball? Go get it! It’s a SPOILER ALERT!

After a nice blood splatter from our first victim, we catch up with Sam and Dean in another road-side diner, were they probably serve a great bacon cheeseburger and a wicked home-made apple pie (Dean love’s him some pie). As Dean finishes his phone conversation with Bobby – who is in desperate need of more screen time, and another way to retrieve Sam’s soul – Crowley pop’s in for a surprise appearance. Dean once again rejected Crowley’s job offer. Crowley reiterated that the boy’s had actually been working for him for some time now, so the point was not up for discussion. Sam found out the hard way, after Crowley gave him a nice smolder on his colossal paw, (Why not, Dean? He was being the bitchy one in this scenario. Sorry) that they had no other choice in the matter. They made a compromise; tag and bag a real live alpha and Sam’s soul would once again be his (Tentatively).

The boy’s journey had them in search for a werewolf alpha, who Crowley suspected was behind a recent death/heart grab. On their way, Dean was less than pleased with Sam’s attitude. “Crowley. He’s so far up our asses, we’re coughing sulfur, but you? You’re just gonna work the case?” Despite Dean’s lack of trust and outlook on the situation, Sam reassured him that he was still the same person. He still has the same memories, same taste in music, and so on. Sam needed to prove to Dean that underneath it all (No soul, etc), he could be the brother he once was.

At crime scene #2, suited up Sam and Dean (I love those boys in suits) get reassurance on the case. Both vic’s had their Internal organs/heart missing. Classic werewolf M.O. Later, Sam returns from who-knows-where to tell sleeping Dean (I missed sleeping Dean) that he found a link between the victims. They go to the house of a single mom whose boyfriend is currently their only lead in the investigation. As an alcoholic with no alibi and the brother of victim #2, he seems to fit the bill. The boys follow him, but find nothing. I would have suggested that they waited. That way, they could have seen Lucky – the family’s pet – rip the drunk boyfriend to shreds. You see, boys? You missed out on all the fun.

Only, the family pet isn’t such a great canine pal after all. He’s a skin-walker. Similar to werewolves, the skin-walker eats the heart of its victim, but can change at any time, not just under a full moon. Sam makes his discovery as he does a little late night spy work around the family’s household. He sees Lucky the pooch turn into a man and begins to follow him. Lucky meet’s another mysterious man in the park, while Sam hide’s out. His cover is quickly blown. Lucky runs, Sam’s chases him, then Lucky gets hit by a mini-van (Awww), but comes out with only a minor injuries (Okay. Good).

In no time, Sam and Dean bust Lucky out of the local pound. The boys bring him back to the hotel and tie him up (In human form). Enter adorkable Sam. He may not have a soul, but he was awesome in this scene. Lucky admits that he only killed all three victims because they were a threat to his adoptive family. He also admits that there’s something big going down for the skin-walkers. When called upon, all canine’s (Who were recruited and assigned homes) are to bite their respective families and turn them into walkers. Sam and Dean see this as an opportunity. They use Lucky to get to the big kahuna – the pack leader. Cue Sniper Dean, who didn’t as much snipe, but just looked pretty. It was Dean’s job to kill the leader, but things changed once the leaders minions brought in Lucky’s family.

Now it was time for Plan B. Sam entered the warehouse, bullet’s flying, dog’s dying (I guess it should have made me feel better, once the dog’s turned into their naked human selves, but it didn’t). Dean, on the other hand, got to make use of his sniper skills. Lucky got his family to safety, but came out with a silver bullet wound. He got out alive, but as he went to the home where he was once loved, his family rejected him. They left him alone to wander the streets (While I cried into my pillow).

In the end, Sam and Dean had one of their famous chats. Sam tells Dean that he knows he’s not “Sam.” Actually, everything that he has said, or said that he cared about was crap. He couldn’t care less. He doesn’t even care about Dean (What??!!). Ultimately, New Sam or Robo-Sam knows that Dean won’t stick around unless he act’s like Old Sam. So that’s what he’s going to do. He’s going to try to act like Old Sam. Together their going to get Sam’s soul back.


Best lines of the night:

1. Crowley: “Is that Bobby Singer? Give him a kiss for me.”

2. Crowley: “Werewolf’s turning on the full moon? So ’09.”

3. Sam: (To cop) “We’re specialists. They call us in to answer the questions of mouth breathing dick monkeys. So, are you gonna walk us through this?”

4. Sam: “The family dog seriously needs a neuter.”

Look at Dean’s face. Priceless.

5. Sam: “What? Soul or not, that’s funny.”

See you next week for an all new recap!

What did you think of Friday’s episode? Loved it? Hated it? After that final conversation, do you have new feelings or thoughts on New Sam? What did you think about next week’s preview? “Fight the fairies!” Tell me in the comments!

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