TV Rewind: Terriers – “Sins of the Past”

Season 1 Episode 11

The season is winding down on Terriers, and last nights flashback heavy episode was more than enough proof that this amazing show needs to be renewed for a second season. Do you hear me FX? Do you?

I’m going to say that Sins of the Past was the best of the season. I found myself curling up into a ball every time Drunk-Hank came on-screen. It was uncomfortable to watch our beloved Hank quickly and surely jump off the plank and into the deep end. However, it was great to see the clash between Sober-Hank and Drunk-Hank. It’s why I love the so so much. The storyline’s, the characters, the actors keep surprising me in ways most shows fail to do.

The episode began almost immediately after last week’s Britt & Kate fallout. Britt is packing up his things. He see’s one of Katie’s dresses and for a moment I thought (Did you?) he was going to rethink his decision of leaving. At least, I wished he would. Hank also wants Britt to reconsider and forgive Katie, but Britt refuses.

1. Hank: “Hey, I was thinking. You know what you should do?”

Britt: “What?”

Hank: “Put your s**t back. Go into the kitchen, whip up a sumptuous repast. Light some candles. Wait for the woman you love to come home, and have a great goddamn life.”

Britt: “You’re saying I should forgive her?”

Hank: “It’s implied. Just a suggestion.”

It’s safe to say that our boy doesn’t look his best. He’s depressed, though the thought of Katie’s betrayal is enough to make him downright mean. As soon as their about to leave, Katie walks in. Britt is aggressive and on the edge when Katie gives the ring back. Then when Britt tries to take Winston with him, Katie breaks down, conveying all her heartbreak and guilt on the loss of the dog (While it’s really all about Britt). It was a 5 tissue moment.

When Britt and Hank return to their home, Britt see’s fit to drown his sorrows in alcohol. Hanks tells him to go for it, but forget the idea of getting revenge on Gavin – who Britt thinks is the one Katie slept with. Britt ignores the advice and tracks down Gavin. He beats him to a pulp (A large amount of alcohol in his system). Later, Laura (From last week’s episode, Asunder) returns to give Hank a tip on a case. But it’s just not any case. It’s the case that basically ruined Hanks life and marriage.

Cue the flashback. Hank and Gustafson are investigating a rape case. Their first suspect? Britt. Yes, Britt. His formative years working as a thief got him his first meeting with Detective Hank. Britt got picked up trying to steal a car, but his proximity to the scene of the crime was too convenient. Eventually, he was cleared after the evidence proved that Britt was actually trying to help the woman in trouble.

2. Britt: “Are you a cop?”

Hank: “Detective. It’s casual Friday.”

Britt: “It’s Thursday.”

Hank: “So Brett, is it?”

Britt: “Britt. If you’re a cop, I want to lodge a complaint. That guy assaulted me.”

Hank: “Yeah, while you were trying to steal his car?”

Britt: “That’s what he says. I was just admiring the interior.”

Hank:“From the inside. Yeah.”

At home, Hank discovers that their second suspect Billy Whitman used to date Gretchen. The combination of alcohol and this revelation is enough to make Hank slightly go insane as he interrogated Whitman. He went off. Gustafson tries to help him – making me like Gustafson a little bit more – but it isn’t enough to keep him from getting fired. Hank crossed a line. Gustafson believed that Hank set up Whitman (Though it wasn’t true).

3. Gustafson: “What in the hell is going on in there?”

Reynolds: “Your partner’s losing it. He thinks Whitman is the condo raper. He asked for a lawyer about ten minutes ago. Hank doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.”

In the present, with the help of Gustafson and Laura, Hank get’s his resolution. Whitman – who Hank was so convinced was the rapist, making him lose everything he had – turned out to be innocent. The real perpetrator was Reynolds, a cop.

4. Hank: “Three years ago you were nearly identified in a lineup by a victim. You panicked. You knew how I was leaning on Whitman. So you ran him off the road, and you planted that rape kit in his trunk.”

Reynolds:You hitting the bottle again, Hank?”

Hank: “No, and if I hadn’t been, then maybe I would have seen it clearly. Maybe not. Maybe I was too close. Maybe I’d still have my job. Maybe I’d still have my marriage. But Laura Ross saw it. And she pointed out some very interesting things.”

Gustafson: “The perp knew exactly how to cover his tracks. He knew exactly what we needed to look for. That suggests law enforcement.”

Hank: “And guess who was consistently the first officer on the scene every time. You.”

Reynolds: “So?”

(Hank plays a tape of the witnesses statement. Reynolds is asking the victim what happened. She describes it.)

Hank: “You weren’t about the rape. You were about reliving it. By making the victim recount, to your face, the very things you did to them.”

Later, when the case is wrapped, Hank apologizes to Gustafson. Solving the case closed a lot feelings and emotions for Hank. Apologizing to Gustafson was the final piece to put the past to rest. I think the former partners are in a better place because of this, and I won’t be surprised if the two team up again in the near future. I say that, because I really want a second season. Are you listening FX?

In the final scene of the night, Britt is brought in to the police station after being picked up for his gruesome beat down of Katie’s classmate, Gavin. Hank meets up with him in his cell. Britt recalls how he obliterated his opponent, then Hank finally tells him the truth. Britt had the wrong guy. Katie didn’t sleep with him. Britt asks how he knows, and Hank admits that Katie told him. He was the first one she told. So why? Why did he keep such a huge secret from him? Hank tells Britt that he was afraid he was going to lose his best friend. Hank knew what would happened if Britt found out, so he did what he thought was right. This was a 10 tissue moment. It was the most heartbreaking scene of the season.

5. Hank: “When it first happened. She didn’t know what to do, so she came to me. She was desperate.”

Britt: “No. No!”

Hank: “She hated herself. She made a mistake . . . she was lost and she didn’t want to lose you. So, I told her not to tell you.”

Britt: “What? Why would you say that?”

Hank: “Because I didn’t want to lose you. Because I knew what you’d do. Because I know you. And look what you did. And look where you’re at. You should have listened to me and walked away!”

Britt: “You walk away, Hank. Walk away from me. Just walk away, Hank.”

Hank: “Look . . .”



What did you think of last nights episode? What will happen to Britt? Will Hank come to his rescue? Tell me in the comments!

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