TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Hybrid”

Klaus & The Plan That Was

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Wow. What a night! The second episode of the new season was a fast paced, shock filled episode that left us wanting more. Or was that just me? I didn’t think so. This week we were one step closer to saving Stefan from his newly developed Ripper ways, but ultimately were forced another step back. Don’t worry, Stefan. We’ll save you . . . eventually. And though little was resolved about last weeks surprising finally (What was up with that, Mrs. Lockwood?), we were treated to another Caroline cliffhanger. Not cool, TVD writers. Not cool. Last night was just another classic Vampire Diaries episode, filled with twists & turns, heartfelt moments, and just a little bit of crazy on the side. We wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? Now I should warn you. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

This week we were welcomed by an unwanted sight. After last weeks disastrous meeting with Stefan (Bye, Bye Andie), it seems Damon is finally giving up on his brother. He disassembled every lead, every bit of information related to finding his lost sibling. Elena finds him in this dejected state; his old self reforming. As it always seems, Damon is unable to cope and resorts to sarcastic one-liners and harsh remarks. We love him anyway. Elena is relentless in her hope that she can save Stefan. She is determined in her belief that there is at least some part of the Old Stefan breathing beneath his corrupt outer shell.

KNOCK. KNOCK. Oh, yeah baby. Shirtless Alaric. It’s about damn time too. KNOCK. Jeez, Elena. Can’t you let a guy sleep? Elena’s persistent ways bring her to the home of one Alaric Saltzman. If Damon won’t help, she knows Alaric will. The human has been tracking her vampire love – with Sheriff Forbes’ help – and believes him to be in Tennessee. She wants Alaric and his hunter ways to help bring Stefan home. Our favorite teacher insists he’s quit the hunter life and reiterates that he is a bad role model for her. Stupid. Stupid, man. She needs you. Listen to her. Later, at The Grill, Elena – being the stubborn girl that she is – refuses to take no for an answer. In fact, if he won’t help, she’ll just go all by herself. Take that. Yeah, that didn’t go over too well. Reluctantly, Alaric agrees to help. Like he had another choice.

At the Lockwood estate, Mrs. I-Shot-Caroline-For-No-Good-Reason Lockwood spikes a shot of vervain into Tyler’s cup of coffee. Mommy dearest is obviously oblivious to the fact that her son is in fact a werewolf. Unaware of his mothers deception, Tyler takes a sip of the vampire poison. Um, that’s not going to work, dear. Wolfsbane, on the other hand . . . Mrs. Lockwood’s relief is evident, but she had another problem. Caroline. She called in some reserves. “Bill?” Bill. Bill? Who’s Bill? “I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a vampire situation.” Really? I would have never guessed.

Meanwhile, Jeremy reaches out to Matt. Jeremy wants to make it clear that his hallucinations are not a result of missing Vicki, but an actual problem that needs to be solved. So? Ask your witch girl and have her help. Thanks for the suggestion, Matt. Jeremy doesn’t want to bother Bonnie with a problem he can figure out himself. Uh. Huh. Whatever you have to tell yourself. Jeremy suggests that the two have some sort of séance to figure out what the dead people want. That’s right. Break out the Ouija board, fellas.

Just a few feet away, Tyler is filling Elena in on all things wolf; common traits and a possible location for Stefan. He feels responsible for the whole sticky situation in the first place. After all, if Tyler had never bitten Damon, then Stefan wouldn’t have sacrificed himself to Klaus. What a change Tyler has made since season one, huh? Tyler continues to patiently wait for his lady vamp to show at The Grill. Tonight is the full moon. He’s going to need some help. Trying to put their differences aside, Matt sorta, kinda offers to help Tyler with his wolf problem if Caroline is a no-show. Tyler refuses, but makes a discovery. This coffee tastes funny, kinda like it did this morning. Matt tells his former BFF that the funny taste he’s tasting is actually vervain. Realization hits. Finally!

Speaking of, Mrs. Lockwood’s guest has arrived. Do we know you, stranger? She needs help with her Caroline problem and is looking to ‘Bill’ for help. He seemed unsurprised that Caroline was the target of Mrs. Lockwood’s slippery trigger finger. She tells him that The Council had no idea about Caroline, but she has been putting the clues together for months. Really? You could have fooled me.

Former Boy Scout, Alaric and Elena are hiking in the smoky mountains in their perusal for a lead on Stefan. Wow. They sure travel fast for humans. Much to his surprise, Elena gives Ric Uncle John’s ring. Elena wants to assure the safety of our favorite hunter. Awww. In return, Alaric gives Elena a wolfsbane grenade. Nice. SPLASH! What the? Out of nowhere, Damon comes up and pushes Elena into the lake(!). Really nice, Damon. Why are you here? Ha! You think Alaric was going to let you run straight into the grasp of a few dozen werewolf’s on a full moon, Elena? Yeah, right. Damon came to stop the human from doing anything stupid. Too late. The stubborn human refuses to go home. Elena begs and pleads with the vampire to understand that she has to save Stefan. Reluctantly, Damon and his dark mop of hair agree to help in her quest.

Back at Camp Klaus, we find the hybrid putting the finishing touches on his plan. After killing the entire werewolf pack, Klaus tells an unimpressed Stefan that there is no war to be fought when no one will stand up against an army as big as the one he has started to build. So, you really don’t have a plan then? You’re just doing this for giggles? Uh. Oh. That’s not good. Ray seems to be having a problem with his transformation. Hate to say, ‘I told you so.’ Uh, where are you going Ray? Klaus orders Stefan to find the escaped wolf. Yikes. Could this day get any worse? Yeah, it can. While tackling the rabid hybrid wannabe, Ray bites Stefan and takes off once again. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! Then, the moment Stefan is about to take off on his search, what happens? He hears his lady-love and his brother heading in his direction. What are you waiting for, Stefan? Go to her! Dammit, Klaus. Did you have to choose this exact moment to have a one-on-one with our buddy here? Seeing his only minion’s condition (Ouch. That’s a nasty bite), Klaus tells the vampire that he will heal him (again) only when he finds Ray. Ass.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Tyler to confront his mom about the vervain creamer she put in his drink that morning. “What are you talking about?” Oh, cut the crap Mrs. L. We know that you know about the vampires. We also know that it’s time for you to tell us what you did with Caroline! Mrs. Lockwood doesn’t give her game away, but tells her son that he can not be with a vampire. It’s just so wrong. You have no idea. No, you literally have no idea that your son is a werewolf. Tyler, get on that.

Hi, Ray. Where’d you come from? When the three musketeers stumble upon the escaped hybrid in training, things seem to go from bad to worse. Ray lunges for Damon, while Alaric shoots him with a wolfsbane dart, but Ray won’t go down. So Elena reaches for that handy wolfsbane grenade and tosses it to Damon. The grenade explodes in the wolf’s face, but he still walks away with minimal injury. The only solution is for them to tie Ray up anyway they know how; silver, vervain soaked rope, etc. You know, this hybrid thing should really come with a warning. When dealing with your hybrid transformation, you may experience a few side effects: Burning, itching, a True Blood style blood leakage, the ability to change at will, fangs, and irritability. Please take caution. Do not operate heavy machinery. Guys, I would run if I were you. Good idea. Night falls quickly as the three run to find a safe place to hide. Of course, right in front of a rabid werewolf is not the place to be. Dammit, Damon! Why do you always have to play the hero? You better run. Run, Damon. Run! The wolf eventually corners our beloved vamp. How do you keep finding yourself on the other side of a pair of wolf’s teeth, Damon? You should know better by now. Lucky for us, Stefan saves the day. As Ray transforms into his human shape again, Stefan rips the poor mans heart out and kills him instantly. “Fancy meeting you here.” What the hell, Stefan? Why are you denying your late night call to Elena? We know you still care. Don’t try to deny it. Stefan warns Damon to keep Elena away. Better said, than done. She needs to forget him. Like we’ve haven’t heard that before. He’s never coming back. Say what?

Klaus, it doesn’t seem like this is going as planned. Your new hybrid soldiers don’t look too good. Shouldn’t they be acting more like ferocious half werewolf, half vampire newborns? Not zombies with a bad case of the shakes? “Bloody Hell.” Yeah, I didn’t think so. And since when did you start stealing Ron Weasley’s lines? Not cool, my friend. *Sigh* Evil plans are hard to deal with, aren’t they? So much trouble. Now look. All your rabid hybrids are dead. It’s safe to say your little experiment didn’t go so well. Okay. You don’t look too happy. “I did everything I was told.” Everything you were told? Am I missing something here? “I broke the curse. I killed a werewolf. I killed a vampire. I killed the doppelgänger.” Uh. Oh. No you didn’t. Stefan, stop making that look. You just gave the game away. What? Now you’re going to offer yourself up to Klaus so he can kill you? Dumbass. Thanks, Klaus. With a bite of his wrist and a few drops of blood he saves Stefan once again. I swear, Stefan. You need your ass kicked. I’m volunteering Elena for the job. I can see Klaus won’t do it. You’re the only pal he’s got. Being a raging, psychotic vampire is lonely.

After Alaric finally managed to keep Elena from saving Damon all by her lonesome (Best line of the night: “Let the vampires fight the hybrid, zombie mountain man.”), the two share a heart-to-heart. Alaric is still managing his pity party; insisting he can not take care of Elena and Jeremy. Elena begs to differ. He’s not a lost cause. He’s just lost. They’re all lost. “We’re kinda it for each other.” “I’m keeping the ring, then.” Yes! Our favorite teacher/hunter/caretaker is back. Thank you, Elena; for finally making Alaric man-up and just deal with it. Aww, Stefan. You’re pulling another Edward. Watching from above, Stefan sees his love once again. Hey, did you see something Elena? Darn. No you didn’t. *mumbles* Stupid, Stefan.

Matt and Jeremy begin to search through Vicki’s personal items in hopes of establishing a stronger connection when they attempt to contact her. Matt begins to break down, missing his sister desperately. Jeremy tells him that Vicki needs their help, but it’s no use. Jeremy is on his own once again. Um, did that picture just move? Yeah, it did. Matt, I think you need to listen to Jeremy. Later, the new bromance continues as Matt shows up on Jeremy’s doorstep. Matt decides that Jeremy was right and volunteers to help. Yes. Let’s do this! Vicki! Would you stop creeping up on us like that. That’s not nice. Vicki calls out to her brother and Jeremy tells her that they’re there to help. She must tell them how to help. “I can come back. Help me come back.” Huh? What the fudge? Glass breaks and Anna appears. “Don’t trust Vicki.” Dammit! Stop sending us mixed signals. You’re freaking me out. At least we’re finally getting somewhere.

Welcome back, Stalker Damon. See, even these vampires sneak in through windows. I even bet Damon’s watched Elena sleep a time or two. Damon admits that he was wrong. Stefan can be saved. “He’s an insufferable martyr that needs his ass kicked.” See! I told you so. Through everything, though, Stefan still can’t let Damon die. Damon figures he owes the same in return. “I’ll help bring him back.” Thank you. We appreciate it. “But before I do . . .” What? Damon asks Elena why she just gave up, even though she could have kept going and got to Stefan. “What was it, Elena?” Damon’s little human admits that she was worried about him. Yes. Score one for Team Delena. Why does Damon care, though? That would be because when he brings Stefan back, he wants Elena to remember what she felt when he was gone. *Breath hitch* Damon leans in close and holds her close. Kiss. Kiss. Dammit. No! Damon – stupid, typical vampire – makes a quick exit. Do I see doubt floating around your pretty little head, Elena? Yeah, that’s what I thought. In other news, Alaric is back at the Gilbert home. Yay!

Tyler, you’re really cutting it close. The soon-to-be werewolf begins to play a game of show and tell. Tyler brings his mother to his safe place. He wants to show that Caroline isn’t the monster. He is the monster. No, you’re not Tyler. Our favorite wolf begins the transformation as Mrs. Lockwood is kept safe a few feet away. It’s time that she knew the truth. Waking up after the transformation, Mrs. Lockwood vows to Tyler that she will take care of Caroline. She calls Bill and tells him she’s having doubts about the situation. Bill. Evil. Don’t like him. He tells her that his family has been committed to ridding the world of vampires for a long time now and he must see this through. Jerk.

Caroline? Caroline! We’ve missed you. I see you’ve got yourself into another sticky situation. How many times have you been kidnapped? At least a couple, right? It’s just another basement kidnapping in Mystic Falls. Just another day in the life of Caroline Forbes. Wait. Who’s there? “Hello, Caroline.” What the hell? “Daddy?” Daddy. Daddy? Fudge.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last nights episode? What did you think of the cliffhanger? Will Jeremy trust Vicki, or will he listen to Anna? What will Klaus do next? Is Elena starting to fall for Damon? Or is she still Team Stefan? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:


    So I don’t need to say how awesome this epi was but I’m kind of over the whole Stefan/Klaus/Damon thing now. It’s gotten old for me and Caroline’s and Jeremy’s storyline’s have much more appeal at the moment.

    Fav Scene – Damon pushing Elena in the water. Hilarious. Damon calling Alaric “brother”. Sweet (the bromance is officially official).

    “Hmm…” Scene – Klaus saying he did everything he was told. Makes me feel like he could be just another player here. Sure he could be talking about what a witch told him but it would make sense (and more interesting) for there to be a more powerful force at work here. Also, I wonder when he’s gonna find out that his little turning binge didn’t work bcuz the doppleganger is still alive?

    Real Scene – TVD prominently portrays Elena as a bad-ass who isn’t afraid of everything and so it’s nice when they highlight the moments of uncertainty showing that she really does not know everything and is still a kid. Telling Alaric that she really does not know what she’s doing by having feelings for both brothers was definitely a good way that point across.

    “What the hell is going on…” Scene – Even in death Vicki is still one messed up character. I look forward to see how this plays out and yes I believe Anna. I feel like someone is probably using Vicki and that bringing her back (however that’s done, is gonna make things bat-shit crazy).

    Whoa Scene – Essentially this should be the cliffhanger but I was genuinely surprised at the reaction of Mrs. Lockwood as Tyler was turning. It’s probably the most acting she’s done the whole show. I think I literally jumped when she screamed after seeing Tyler change.

    Cliffhanger – You summed it up perfectly Kim. Fudge!

    1. Yes, I agree. The Klaus & Stefan plotline can lay off a couple of episodes. I really don’t have to see them repeat this ‘kill a whole bunch of werewolves, try and fail to make them into hybrids’ thing. Though, I’m positive Klaus is suspicious (or already has an inkling) that Elena isn’t dead. It might be interesting to see that development. I can’t wait to see how the Jeremy plotline is going to works out too. Caroline’s plotline I’m not so sure about. The ‘Daddy’ shocker was great, but it might be another ‘Damon saves the day’ moment. Hopefully, they will shake things up a bit.

      Haha! I LOVE the Damon and Alaric bromance this season. They’re M.F.E.O. Yes! I really hope there is something (or someone) more powerful working with Klaus. That would make an amazing twist. Maybe that would bring Elijah back too.

      Of course, Elena having doubt about the brothers doesn’t surprise me, but I did love the conversation she had with Alaric in the car. It was nice to see the two talk and share a stronger connection. They really do need eachother. I agree, showing Elena is having doubt, despite how strong she seems, was a good way to round out her character. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I find Elena’s character too predictable.

      I seriously have no idea how the whole Vicki/Jeremy/Anna storyline is going to play out. No doubt, things are going to get crazy. Hmmm…another person involved, manipulating Vicki? Sure, I can see that. Though, it might not really be ghost Anna and Vicki, but someone else entirely trying to mess with Jeremy. Yes? No? Maybe? Tell us, TVD writers. Tell us!

      I’m glad Tyler finally told (showed) his mom about the whole wolf thing. I still don’t like her character, but it’s nice that an actual parent is involved with her child’s life now. You know, without trying to kill them. Lol.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Hmm, I’d have to agree with both of you on the whole hybrid storyline. If its going to be the same massacre “well that didnt work” type thing every week I’m going to lose interest verryyyy quickly. And I’d like to see the whole Caroline/Dad thing (did anyone else expect that? i thought I was getting a vibe).

    The jeremy “i see dead vampires” thing? I think it could go either way. If they drag it out then thats not cool, but if there are lots of twists and turns that could be interesting. I wonder why it is that he’s just seeing vampires and no-one else? Interesting…I hope it doesn’t get as weird as the books though, that I couldn’t hack.

    I’M SOOO GLAD we got Delena moments. The chemistry when they were in the water together (I just kept thinking, damnit Alaric, why can’t you just disappear so that they can have some “alone time”) was soooo good, and that end scene? You can see that Elena was like “hmmm, do I REALLY want Stefan as a bf?” hahahaha. but seriously.

    hey! you’ve guys have heard about how ian somerhalder and nina dobrev are dating now haven’t you? they’re gonna have gorgeous babies!! (not that i’m looking ahead much or anything…)

    What do you think they are going to do with Caroline? And perhaps TYLER can be the hero this time (he’s gotta do something)

    Also. Seems like Bonnie really has gone and fucked off. No big loss.

    1. I did not see that ‘Daddy’ thing coming at all. At first I thought that he was Tyler’s uncle or something, since he kept saying that hating vampires was a ingrained into him and his family. I thought that was code for werewolf. Yes! Tyler needs to save her (Good idea). We need some more Forwood action. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Caroline, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some torture is involved, as usual.

      I agree. I want lots of surprises as far as Jeremy’s storyline is concerned. If they keep it predictable and use typical ghost story arcs, then it’s going to be extremely boring and a real let down. Not only is Jeremy just seeing vampires, he’s only seeing two vampires he’s been ‘in love’ with. Now that is interesting.

      That last Delena scene (though short) was my favorite. They way he held her face and told her to remember him? Gah! It would have been perfect if he gave her a little forehead kiss. Wait. They’re dating? I did not hear that. Just proves that Delena is better than Stelena. Lol.

      I guess I’m not the only one who couldn’t care less about Bonnie. Why even keep her on the show if she doesn’t contribute anything to the storyline because she is never there? I just don’t get it.

  3. setinmotion says:

    We DO need more Forwood time! And Tyler has come in leaps and bounds in the past two seasons, he might as well play the hero, particularly for his lady love (lets just admit it. they soo weren’t just gong to do a one night stand.)

    I know, its weird. Why vampire lovers? is it because bonnie, who he loves, brought his back? or can they REALLY come back even though they were dead. ugh! I dunno!

    haha yeah they are! I didnt realise they were dating either, but they were together at The Emmys and then a friend told me they were together so yesssssssssssssssssssssss

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