TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “1912”

Lessons in Love and Murder

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Welcome back, my lovelies! It’s nice to see you again. Are you ready to recap last nights fantastic episode? Of course, you are. If you need a refresher, though, take a look back at All My Children. Wow, right? This week, The Vampire Diaries returned, but instead of being thrown into the already awaiting chaos, it seemed as if the team held back a bit, steadily and slowly easing us into the drama. However, by the end of the night, we were left scratching our heads, saying “WTF?” That seems to happen often, doesn’t it? Even though some long-awaited answers were revealed: Who is the Mystic Falls serial killer? Any progress on the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle? Is Dr. Fell still crazy? The night ended as it sometimes (and very annoyingly) does, with a cliffhanger. What was even more troubling, was the preview for next weeks episode. A vampire th*e*so*e? A terrifying, mad A*a*ic? The events of last nights episode, no doubt, created a chain of events we can not even begin to imagine. The question is, what happened to get us to that spine-tingling point of no return? Well, I’m glad you asked. For those who have already enjoyed the spectacle of 1912, please proceed onwards and downwards. The rest of you, be warned. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Mystic Falls: 1912. There is no mistaking the bitter taste of this night – an ominous tone seeping in. The clock chimes a foreboding tune, as our star players enter the scene. After parting ways with Sheriff Gerald Forbes, Zachariah Salvatore cautiously walks through the black veil that conceals its true intentions. There is a murderer on the prowl and he has claimed his latest victim. A knife cuts the skin. Blood drips into submission. Another Mystic council member is dead and the killers identity remains a mystery. One-hundred years later, history has already begun to repeat itself . . .

When we left him last, Alaric Saltzman was facing the wrong end of a loaded gun. Today he finds himself as Person of Interest #1 when Crazy Dr. Fell takes it upon herself to implicate the vampire hunter as the Mystic Falls Serial Killer – handing him over to the authorities. The compact jail cell claims our hero as he defends himself from false accusations. Could our friend have been setup to take the fall for something he did not do? Or is there truth behind the lies?

The one-liners and snarky, sarcastic comments play out seamlessly for Damon Salvatore in his attempt to find a lead, to absolve the allegations set against his friend. He seeks out the help of his (sometimes) faithful sidekick and brother, Stefan, hoping past affairs can lend some insight into future problems. Taking a closer look into the dark recesses of Stefan’s journal, the pair begin to question if the events of today somehow connect to the infamous Mystic murders of 1912.

Desperate to find the last remaining white oak tree in existence (Is it really that hard?), Rebecca enlists the help of Mrs. Lockwood in her search for the ancient relic. The Mayor is of little help, but Rebecca finds something useful in a Salvatore connection. In an instant, the blonde vamp is at the Brothers side, subtly requesting information on their family past. The Brothers think nothing of it, continuing in their attempt to unravel the mysterious murders of 1912 that left several Mystic council members dead. Stefan is the first to place a suspect, in the form of Sage, a former “friend” of Damon’s. The read-headed seductress and boxer sees something in our favorite vampire, taking him under her open wings, teaching him the intricate details of seduction. “A woman isn’t just for food, she’s for pleasure.” Though he attempts to ward against her attentions, he falls quickly. Basically, Sage is the one that turned Damon into a manwhore. Exactly.

In the meantime, Elena takes a more direct approach to help Alaric. She confronts Crazy Dr. Fell (Is that really the best idea, Elena?). The psychotic doctor falters, showing us a quick glimpse of the cards she holds close, listing a long line of information about Alaric few know. This causes Elena alarm – and why wouldn’t it – provoking the human to dig deeper into her suspicions about the crazy doctor. With Matt in tow, the duo search the good doctors home for clues. Elena quickly comes to the realization that Crazy Dr. Fell is part of the founding families, therefore she must be hiding something. Well, duh. A secret door in the back of a closet, detailed files on victims, and a Gilbert journal, all lead to an evident break in the case. Unfortunately, Crazy Dr. Fell finds the pair hiding in her apartment. Damn. Sheriff Forbes chastises their actions forcefully, all the while, absolving Alaric and Dr. Fell.

As the night of reminiscing continues, Damon tries to help his struggling brother. The extra broody vampire is in the initial stages of blood withdrawal, fighting his way to become a vegetarian once again. The fire burning in his throat will not ease, sending the vamp to flee the crowded bar. Damon isn’t far behind, choosing a relative unorthodox way to help Stefan. Using his charm, Damon compels a human, opening her throat to the human-starved vampire. He tries to fight it, wanting to save the bleeding human, but it’s no use. The temptation is too great. Stefan sinks his teeth into the awaiting flesh, savoring his drink of choice. Stefan? Oh, no. Damon quickly removes the human from his brothers grasp when Elena catches Stefan in the act. The shock and hurt are evident in Elena’s features. This is not the vampire she fell in love with. It seems the attempt to slowly make amends with his human is futile. He’s lost Elena . . . again.

Sometime later at the Salvatore home, Damon finally puts reason to his actions, trying to rid his guilt, trying to make up for his past actions.

Mystic Falls: 1912. Damon convinces Stefan to drink human blood once again. Tasting the sweet nectar for the first time in fifty years, Stefan loses control, killing an innocent woman. This one incident would rightfully cause a string of events, marking Stefan with the name, The Ripper.

Damon did nothing to try to stop Stefan. He knows he was wrong, he feels the guilt eating him alive every day. Now, it’s his turn rewrite his wrongs. Damon voices himself clearly. He will do everything in his power to help Stefan on the road to recovery; to accompany him with each step to regain control. Because they only have each other. Now that’s what I call, brotherly love.

Matt and Elena share a heart-to-heart moments before a defeated Alaric walks through the door. Elena fiercely hugs her faux father figure, happy he is home safe. Their little family is complete again. Well, except for Jeremy. Where is that kid, anyway? Never mind. DING-DONG. Who is it? Crazy Dr. Fell. What? What is she doing here? She came here to talk. I don’t care. Don’t let her in. She’s crazy. Let’s just hear what she has to say. Fine. Whatever. If this goes terribly wrong, I’m blaming you. Dr. Fell tries to apologize, but it doesn’t work – “People are right. You are crazy.” – at first. Reluctantly, Alaric listens to what the crazy doctor has to say. With some help from Elena, Stefan, and Damon the final pieces of the puzzle come together.

Almost ten years after the 1912 murders that rocked Mystic Falls, someone confessed their guilt: Samantha Gilbert, granddaughter of Jonathan Gilbert (Remember him?). As Elena reads the worn pages of the journal – which was in Crazy Dr. Fell’s possession – she quickly realizes her first notions about the diary were wrong. The troubling words all belong to Samantha. Questions begin to arise even further as Damon wonders if Samantha is still alive today, though he is positive he killed her. There must be something else. The ring! She must have had a ring. We know there are only two in existence. One belongs to Jeremy, the other to . . . Alaric. Oh, I do not like where this is going. Dr. Fell is the one to make everyone’s suspicions known. All the facts seem to line up. There is no doubt. Everything we thought was wrong. Dr. Fell believes the ring to be somehow cursed; for it to be somehow changing Alaric. No. It’s the only thing that makes sense. No. It has happened before. No. I think she’s right. Damn.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What did you think of the Alaric twist? Do you think Matt still has feelings for Elena? Will Elena forgive Stefan? Will Damon get his act together? What did you think of the initial Sage storyline? Tell me in the comments!

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I enjoyed it. I thought from the trailers it was going to focus entirely on 1912 and I was delighted when it didn’t. I prefer to follow Mystic Falls in the present rather than going back into the past. I enjoyed Matt & Elena’s interactions. Life would be so much simpler for Elena if she chose Matt over the supernatural boys.

    1. I agree. I like when it’s solely focuses on the current happenings in Mystic Falls, but if a flashback *has* to happen, that’s fine. Personally, I think it was the perfect mix of past and present storylines. Was it just me, or was the Sage inclusion somewhat lacking? I really didn’t see the point. She might have been the catalyst for Stefan’s lasp (as Damon said), but it just seemed a bit underwhelming. Hmmm . . . Elena does need a break from the supernatural, but Matt? I don’t know. I guess I’m still holding out for Elijah to take his turn at wooing the human. Now that’s a couple I would like to see. Lol.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Hmm, in all honesty I was a bit bored with this week’s episode. Usually when there has been a break its big news, but all we really got was a cliffhanger.

    And ok, it was a massive cliffhanger (cursed ring. WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM?) but the episode sorta just opened up a new can of worms without answering any other questions, like you said. Whats going on with Klaus? Where is Tyler, Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline? I’m missing people!

    I definitely enjoyed your post though! “Basically, Sage is the one that turned Damon into a manwhore.” hahaha!

    1. Yeah, I was hoping – after having to wait a while for a new episode – that it would be nonstop action, with a lot more WTF? moments, and some Delena action. Obviously, we didn’t get that, but the Alaric/magic ring twist? I did not see that coming, nor did I want to. I love me some Alaric, and this new plot twist is just a huge red neon sign, saying we don’t have much time with Alaric left (plus, the rumors he’s been cast in a new show don’t help).

      We’ve been missing Tyler for a while now, haven’t we? There really needs to be some closure with the Caroline situation … and some awesome tension with Klaus going after his girl and all. Let’s see THAT TVD writers.

      Thank you! (P.S. I’ve been having trouble posting with my Facebook page for the blog. Have you seen the new messages I left on one of our discussions?)

      1. setinmotion says:

        Mmmm hmm I hear ya. I want some sexy action going on with SOMEONE.

        I’m not sure about Alaric. Surely the TVD writers would assume that we think he’s going to die right? And they do the very best they can to confuse and surprise the heck out of us.

        Saying that, I want some sexual tension. I wanna see Tyler vs. Klaus. Except that Klaus would win. Maybe some epic mind battle instead…worst bit is though, I don’t know who I want to win!!!

        Ah yes, I did get it!! Sorry I didn’t reply, I meant to! What’s the fan fic about? Uni is kicking my arse at the moment but when we’ve got a break I’ll check it out 🙂

        1. True. They do like to confuse us. A lot. That still doesn’t give me much hope. It seems like they’ve had it out for poor Alaric the whole season – when thinking about these new developments, that’s probably true.

          Yes! We definitely need a Tyler/Caroline/Klaus love triangle. It *has* to sting a bit, having your sire fall for your ex-girlfriend. Yeah. *Sigh* Team Klaus! Lol.

          That’s okay! I completely understand. I’ve just been having trouble with FB lately and wanted to make sure. Hmmm . . . MDB is another one where I won’t say much (I know! But you’ll understand). I will tell you that there are lots of sexy times, Bella meets Edward rather unconventionally, there is mystery and drama, Jacob is a jerk (but when isn’t he? Lol), and Edward can be a bit domineering (not like that!). This is the first fic I ever read, so maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for it. It’s going away soon, so if you don’t catch it in time, and you want to read it, I’ll send you a copy. 🙂

        2. setinmotion says:

          Yeah. They seem to like killing off characters in this show don’t they? Yet Matt and Bonnie, the two most boring characters are still around. So bizarre.

          Yes! I love Love Triangles-particularly when the guy I like wins (Twilight…YESSSS!!!) Either way, Tyler needs to come back. And do you really think Jeremy might be gone for good?

          Ooh, interesting…I’ll try to check it out soon then 🙂

          BTW. are you going to see Hunger Games when it comes out this week?

        3. Exactly. Bonnie definitely needs to go. I can give or take Matt, so no big deal.

          Was Twilight really a love triangle? The way I saw it, there was no competition. Lol. No, I don’t think Jeremy is gone for good. I think that by the end of the season, something or someone will bring him back as a plot twist.

          I might. The previews look really good. 🙂

        4. setinmotion says:

          Hahahaha. Such a good point. Jacob who? Pah! Mmm…Edward. Fun fact: did you know that James Franco’s little brother Dave tried out for Edward? Imagine!

          You should! If only for Liam Hemsworth. Australian pride 🙂

        5. I did not know that! That’s so weird. I also did not know Liam Hemsworth was Australian. You learn something new everyday. Lol.

        6. setinmotion says:

          Hahaha I try. And yes, yes he is Australian. We breed them good down here 🙂

          (thats a lie. There’s a lot of duds. Bleurgh)

        7. Good to know. 🙂

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