Press Play Friday: Muse

Hyper Music

It’s quite impossible to ignore the overflow of artistic Rock masterpieces that rise forth from this band’s five studio albums. The trio of musicians craft highly intricate, expressive pure-Rock ballads and symphonies that are continually described as epic. With each repetition of each melody, you’ll begin to find some exciting strain you’ve never heard before, or have the uncontrollable urge to dance around wildly. Their sound is unlike any other, taking lyrical images and complicated musical themes into unexplored territory. These Brit rockers manage to give new life to the old world of Rock & Roll, creating thrilling individual sagas with every single one of their songs. I expect you know this already, though. Muse has become quite the household name in recent years. Their newest album – The 2nd Law – is due to arrive in October, with many awaiting eagerly for this latest musical chronicle. I’ve heard it said that the band can do no wrong, and from what I’m hearing, I’m starting to think that’s true.

Unbreakable waves of resounding bass guitars. Distorted voices screaming in need. Hardcore frenzy. Hysteria is the quintessential Muse track, able to awaken your soul from the deepest sleep. Resilient in its purpose, commanding attention, the song reaches out and grabs the listener – forcing them to put themselves into the madness. An uncontrollable love exploding into bright bursts of sound; a track that allows you the freedom to let everything go and become one with the music. Hysteria is most likely on a few of your playlists. Am I right?

“I want you now. I feel my heart implode. And I’m breaking out. Escaping now. Feeling my faith erode.”

Snap your fingers and clap your hands. Time Is Running Out is next on our musical journey. Morphing from sensual subdued verses into a darker surrounding chorus, the tune shifts back and forth, eventually keeping its hardened tone. Smooth strains flow into rough refrains, communicating the highly emotional desire of the narrator. The lyrics push and pull, creeping in, taking hold. An all-encompassing affair, obsessive and destructive.

“I wanted freedom; Bound and restricted. I tried to give you up, but I’m addicted.” 

Supermassive Black Hole, the song that started it all . . . for me, at least. Yes, I was one of the unaware until Twilight entered the equation. Stephenie Meyer’s love of Muse was something you could not ignore. As a music obsessed human being, I apologize. I should have recognized the mind-blowing powerhouse that is Muse before the pop-culture explosion made them so easy to recognize. This track is, without a doubt, my absolute all-time favorite anthem from the band. I mean, have you heard this song? It’s phenomenal. Kick-ass and sexy, the heavy electric strings and beats of the guitar catapult the song into a league of its own.

“Oh baby, don’t you know I suffer? Oh baby, can’t you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses. How long before you let me go?”

What did you think of this week’s Press Play artist? What’s your favorite Muse song? Favorite record? Are you excited for the new album? Do you have any music recommendations for me? What songs and artists have you been listening to recently? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Anastasia says:

    I only really know their song ‘resistance’ and ‘upraising’, both which I adore. Especially Uprising. It is just pure power. I can listen to it in any mood, it is just that good!

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