10 Things That Need to Be In ‘The Host:’ Part 2

“I held you in my hand, Wanderer. And you were so beautiful.”

Dear people (who are making this film),

Hi. How are you? Nice to see you again, as always. You might remember, last week we began our detailed discussion, itemizing our requirements for the film adaptation of The Host. Our lengthy list got underway with the first five things that need to be in the film. Tell me, have you taken what I’ve said into consideration?

I know. Reshoots are expensive nowadays. But it doesn’t change the fact, we want to see this film succeed. We don’t want a repeat of what happened the last time they decided Stephenie Meyer’s novel should be reworked for the big screen, do we? No, we don’t. Fans want a film they can be proud of; a film worthy to be associated with the novel – an exemplary adaptation of a story we love. Really, is that so much to ask? I can see you’re shaking your heads no. Good, we’re on the right track. What’s that? You actually want more of my help? All right. No need to shout. All you had to do was say so.

6. The Caves: The great thing about this certain film adaptation, is that there is a good amount of wiggle room in particular areas. Some things I won’t miss (Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this, either – considering my need for complete accuracy with that other S. Meyer series). If you follow the basics, pretty much everything else regarding The Caves can be up for interpretation, except selected plot points, of course. By no means do I expect you to include Walter (the oldest Cave member and one of Wanda’s most avid supporters). Would it be nice if you did? Sure. I won’t complain. Frankly, there is a lot more dialogue than action in the novel. I’m not telling you to add more or anything. Seriously. I’m not. Don’t do it. It’s just that I will require those particular points of conflict to be especially good. For example, Kyle’s ambush (That’s Ian’s brother. I shouldn’t have to tell you this). Wanda’s just had a very long night, caring for Walter and whatnot. Cough. Taking some personal time in the bathing room, she is suddenly attacked by Kyle. After receiving some heavy blows, Wanda attempts to flee. However, the floor begins to cave in and Kyle is knocked out. Oh no! With some opposition from Melanie, Wanda does what any Soul would do – pulling Kyle back from certain death. Her grip slips, but Ian appears and saves them both. This scene has to be fantastically nerve-racking. Very action-y. It’s one of the most notable scenes in the entire book. Do you understand? Great.

7. The Seeker: Essentially the bad-guy in this tale, The Seeker is cold, unyielding. Her tireless perusal of Wanda’s secrets – Melanie’s memories – is the catalyst for Wanda’s search for Jared and Jamie. She will not give up. She will not fail. When she is finally captured and removed from her host (*snicker*), everything shifts – into overdrive. Lacey is described as being even more annoying (Wanda’s words, not mine) than The Seeker. It was their internal struggle which had fueled The Seeker into a proper fit of jealousy, needing to know how our favorite alien seemed to easily strive with a resistant host when she could not. The role requires the character to be overly emotional (angry, aggressive) one minute, and almost mechanical the next. She has to be memorable and somehow discreetly scary. We have to have her lingering in our minds, wondering whether or not she will find our secret refuge. Luckily, I don’t think we’ll have to worry much about how successful the character will be. Diane Kruger’s got it covered. You heard that right. This is casting I approve of!

Source: Google Images

8. Relationships (Part 2): Ooh! This is my favorite part. Why? Like you don’t know. Jared and Ian. Ian and Jared. Dreamy sigh. Weirdly enough, my fellow fanatics don’t argue constantly over which one is right for Wanda, but rather which one is more awesome. Jared. Ouch! Okay. Sorry. Ian belongs with Wanda and Jared with Melanie. It’s as simple as that. Which means, we don’t want to see some epic rivalry when there isn’t one. It’s actually just a tiny rivalry, no more. Look, just follow the facts. At first, neither is too keen to see Wanda/Melanie. Jared is shocked, to say the least, but has already persistently come to the conclusion that Melanie is no longer, even if her body still is. Ian, on the other hand, knows no better. He sees Wanda as a parasite and nothing else. I should tell you that I fully expect to see Jared standing guard over Wanda’s makeshift jail cell, acting like a jerk to her, etc. I will not compromise over any Jared and Wanda/Melanie scenes, as few as there are. Just so you know. What do I say in these situations? Follow the book. When it comes to Ian and Wanda, I won’t be so picky. Yeah, right. It is unclear when Ian’s feelings toward the Soul start to change, so I suggest giving it a slow build. By the time Jared returns from the raid, I would hope to have seen a significant change. When it’s time for Wanda to decided her fate, I presume he act like a love struck goof. Please. Please include the most beloved scene where Wanda fears Melanie’s left and pleads with Ian to kiss her – really kiss her. Of course, as you know, Jared is the one who actually succeeds, after he uses his expert kissing skills on Melanie. On Wanda? He kisses her good, dammit!

9. It’s All In the Details: Special effects. There’s only a few, so not to worry. But this is very important, so pay strict attention. When it comes to the Souls (host bodies), they have two very defining markers. 1) A scar: running up a small length on the back of their neck. True, we won’t really be able to see it on-screen. Yet, I don’t think a minor glimpse here or there would be unreasonable. Do you? 2) Eyes: a bright silver round just touching the complete circumference of the pupil. Note: only visible when directly fused with beaming light. No need for those pesky contacts, let Editing take care of that. Next, the actual Souls, themselves. You can’t skip out on this. We really need to see Wanda in all her little silver alien glory. It shouldn’t be too hard to execute. Google some fan-made sketches, if you have to (Yes, this is a real thing). Just remember, it’s all in the details.

10. Melanie vs Wanda (A New Life): Here we are, the most important scene of them all. I’m not kidding. It all comes down to this. Some have highly speculated the film will not end at the same spot the novel did, opting to believe that a cliffhanger will be created in order for a sequel to be generated. Easy to believe, of course. It’s been done before. The problem is, Stephenie Meyer hasn’t written a sequel, nor has she plans to write one anytime soon. Would the suggested cliffhanger still happen, even if we don’t get a sequel for years? Truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised. That is why, I have to say this: the film must end the exact same way as the novel. I repeat, the exact same way as the novel. Let me make it even easier for you. When the time comes for Wanda to be removed from her host, her wishes go ignored and she is transferred into another host body. Pet. I can understand if you want to do a whole fade to black thing after Wanda wakes up, Ian calling out her name, eyes wide, a short gasp. Believe me, I get it. But you have to trust me on this. It’s been done before. How about we try something original for a change. How about we follow the book? I can’t say it enough. Follow. The. Book. Oh, and if it isn’t too much trouble? Could you add that quote. Yep, the one at the top. Thanks. It’s much appreciated.

There you have it. This concludes my list of the 10 Things That Need to Be In The Host. What did you think? I bet you all are going to go and read the book again. Am I right? I knew it! I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see if they took my oh so helpful advice.

So, is it March yet?

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Are you addicted to The Host? What are your favorite scenes from novel? Who’s your favorite character? Team Jared or Team Ian? What’s your favorite quote? How many times have you read the book? What did you think of The Host trailer? Are you excited for the film adaptation? Did I miss something? What 10 things do you think need to be in the film? Tell me in the comments!

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree with your points, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

    1. I can’t wait to see this movie, either. It has potential to be really great. So let’s all just cross our fingers and hope it will be. Lol. 🙂

  2. setinmotion says:

    Had a look at the casting. Here’s the thing, I’m a big fan of Ian in the books, but I do NOT like the casting at ALL. Jake Abel? Doesnt do it for me at all. Ian is meant to be tall with beautiful blue eyes. I’m thinking Ian Somerhalder, Chris Pine. A MAN’S man, you hear me?

    Saying that, Max Irons as Jared? Hello. I may have to switch teams…

    And I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Saorise Ronan as Melanie. Just not what I pictured…

    Diane Kruger’s a great call though.

    1. Definitely agree with you about the casting. First of all, they’re all too young. This is not a “teenager” film. These characters have seen things; lived very difficult lives. All the actors have sweet baby faces, how am I supposed to believe they survived an alien takeover?

      Ian. Oh, Ian. I liked him better when I read it this time around, and I agree. He’s a man’s man, with muscles and stubble. Like a Timothy Olyphant . . . or Ian Somerhalder (Lol. You’ll always pick Ian Somerhalder). Yep. Jared is, at least, marginally better.

      Saoirse is a great actress, but I don’t know either. She has that very distinct soft voice, and I don’t think that will work this time around. Melanie is strong and determined. Wanda is a bit more timid, but I still think that childlike tone won’t work for this role.

      1. setinmotion says:

        Exactly! BAH! How they annoy me. And of course I always pick Ian Somerhalder. He can act, his dreamy AND he has piercing blue eyes. Why not?

        Actually, did you hear hes a rumour for 50 shades? blerugh.

        1. Haha!! So true. He’s so dreamy.

          Yeah, I think you told me that a while back. He’s great and awesome and everything, but as Fifty? Not so much.

          On a somewhat related topic: I have come to the conclusion that having a conversation with your mom, explaining why it is unnecessary to purchase Fifty Shades – as you have the original – therefore trying to explain fanfiction, is not only awkward, but absolutely something no one should have to go through. Luckily, I don’t think she understood what I was saying. I just hope the topic never ever comes up again. If it does . . . *Shudder*

          By the way, do you have any brain bleach? I’m all out. (Lol.)

        2. setinmotion says:

          BWHAHAHA! That’s absolutely hilarious! You poor thing. But seriously, I’m totally laughing at you right now.

          Luckily for me, my mum knows how much I loathe E L James right now, and she therefore has not asked me whether or not she should buy it.

          Seriously though, are you getting a bit over the whole fifty shades fad? Its kinda hideous to think that its sold more paperbacks than Harry Potter, particularly since she ripped the idea off another author. I mean, I totally loved it as a fanfiction, but fanfictions are meant to be badly written and smutty and have absolutely no plot line.

          Plus, when I see 50 year old mums reading it on the train I vom a little in my mouth. No offense to your mum though. Shit. Awkward.

          Think I might need that brain bleach too?

        3. It’s not funny! Alright, it might be a smidge funny. But don’t laugh! 🙂

          I might not be scarred for life, but it still was awkward as hell.

          You’re lucky. My mom is a bit oblivious to some of pop culture – names and whatnot. I always have to answer ‘Who’s that? What’s that?’ Etc. So I’ve been dreading the day when she would finally ask about Fifty. Of course it’s been brought up in the past by outside sources, but she seemed to ignore it. I should have known better than to assume she didn’t know anything about it.

          She had this look of confusion on her face as I kept saying that it was Twilight fanfiction and there was no point in wasting her money. She looked at me like I was the one who was crazy. “I think you’re wrong . . .” And then she proceeded to repeatedly underline the words “Erotic Thriller” on the back cover. I believe she is still under the impression I’m twelve years old, as she also seemed quite surprised I had read, what one might call, a smutty book. In the end, she put it back, only after I unsuccessfully explained what fanfiction was and how E.L James wrote Edward and Bella, then simply changed the names for publication. She looked like she was in a daze, unbelief in her eyes. “I didn’t know you read that.” Realizing I was about to be cornered with, what I can only assume were even more awkward questions, I did the only thing I could do. I gasped, and reprimanded her for trying to buy such a dirty book. Shame on her.

          If only she knew what fanfiction really was . . . 😉

          Oh, I’m totally over it. It’s everywhere. Everyone’s talking about it – people who shouldn’t be talking about it. Just get it away from me. Now I totally sound like a hater, but that’s not true at all. I loved it as fanfiction! I loved the characters and the story. I’m not a hater, I’m a purist. Fanfiction should stay fanfiction, and that’s that.

          No offense at all. It’s the only logical reaction to have.

          Haha! I’ll go to the store to get some. Better stock up too. I have a feeling this topic will come up again.

        4. setinmotion says:

          Oohh you poor thing! Oh the awkwardness! Luckily my mother is what you’d call liberal (ie shes more of a hippy, less of a mother) so sex has never been an issue with us. Thank god. Then again, I havent lived with her for a couple of years so that might one of the reasons!

          It’s the WORST! I hate trying to explain to people how she ripped it off, and that it’s fanfiction, and that Christian and Anastacia are essentially Bella and Edward. I have a friend who loves the books and whenever it comes up she tells me off for calling them ‘the wrong names’. What? I’m sorry, even if they’re names are different in looks, characteristics, even kinda the same circumstances, they are Edward and Bella.

          I think it’s just a bit disappointing that this is the kind of book that have encouraged people to read. I know I probably read more than the average person, but the fact that there are so many people out there who read this, and this only? And yes, as a fanfiction its fantastic because it played out all of our sexually frustrated fantasties, ie, the whole point of fanfiction, yet as a book? It’s terrible. There’s no storyline, very little character development. And I think most importantly, as a fanfiction we know the subject matter and that it’s all a bit of a laugh, but people who read this book, thinking it’s an original concept, don’t. And considering the subject matter is basically Edward forcing Bella to do painful things, it’s probably not the best message to be sending to young adults.

          Ok. Rant over. I feel I need to cleanse my mind by reading some Shakespeare or something. Well until the brain bleach arrives 🙂

        5. My mom is sort of the same way (equal parts mom and friend), except we don’t talk openly, we ignore and push it into a locked drawer where it will never be talked about or seen again.

          What can I say? It works for us.

          Yeah, I’ve stopped trying to explain. I’d start to rant and then I’d start to get angry. It wasn’t worth it. Now I just shake my head in disbelief and move on. He’ll always be Edward and she’ll always be Bella. End of story.

          Exactly! Fanfiction is a totally different medium than a novel. You expect certain things from fanfiction in terms of storyline and style. There are, essentially, pseudo guidelines for those stories. A novel is – supposed to be – unpredictable. I don’t understand, for most of these people who have never read fanfiction, how they can possibly think it’s a good book. The ending was crappy, rushed, and unfulfilling. There was very little character development, I agree. “Anastasia” was your typical Bella. Nothing original. Fifty was . . . great (I can’t say anything bad about him! He’s an Edward). As far as people thinking it’s unique – Really? It’s not original. It’s smut. Smut is not original. And the only reason it gained the initial success it had, was because of all the Twilight and fanfiction fans. I just don’t understand how it has become a pop culture phenomenon. Am I missing something? I believe we all read the same thing, did we not?

          I’ll go to the store right now! (Lol. You think Shakespeare and I think fanfiction)

        6. setinmotion says:

          Exactly! Thats the worst bit. Its badly written, badly composed and it has no storyline! Bah. That pretty much sums it up.

          Thank goodness you are here to rant to! Everyone I know either hasnt read it, has no interest in it, or loves it!

        7. That’s what I’m here for. Feel free to rant again anytime. I love it. 🙂

  3. setinmotion says:

    And BAHAHA. The image of your mum underlining the words erotic thriller. Oh the awkwardness!

    1. She kept doing it too! Looking at me like I had no idea what I was talking about and pointing to it. Really, mom?

      By the way, thriller? I definitely wouldn’t consider it a thriller. Would you?

      1. setinmotion says:

        I dunno…I was pretty thrilled by Edward. Bwahaha. Jokes.

        1. Hahahaha!!!! Oh, yes. Edward was thrilling. Very thrilling, indeed. 🙂

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