Artist of the Month: Florence + The Machine – The Music (Part 2)

“I’ve got my ideal job. I like to sing. I like to dance. I like to bang drums and dress up. And someone pays me. It’s incredible!” – Florence Welch

Her music makes your heart beat. It throws you into a new world, a world of fantastical charm. Florence + The Machine are the unequaled, the unmatched; a feeling, a sound, an image you’ve only ever seen in your dreams. Each inspired lyric, each innovative rhythm join together to create an alternative domain outside of reality. A place where you can feel every beat, every rhyme. I imagine it to be a place that has been replicated exactly from a story book, completed by magnificent technicolor, a wonderland ruled by our favorite crimson haired beauty. Her music has the ability to encircle you perfectly, until you only see what she wants you to see. Enter at your own risk, for there is no way out. She will captivate you, hold you, and never let you go.

You can see her running toward something – someone – as if she’s in need of an escape. She’s crying out. This is the last resort. No Light, No Light. Her love is tragic. Broken. Hear the pain, the defeat, in the inflections of her words. It’s ethereal. The pounding, ritualistic drums fight against the impassioned choir. Our heroine is in love-lost. Listen to her plea. ‘What has happened to our love? You are my everything. I’d do anything to make you stay.’ Asking questions with no answers has made her unnerved. She must find her way out of this darkened maze, clinging to her mate, fighting for the love that has been misplaced.

“No Light (No Light) in your bright blue eyes. I never knew daylight could be so violent. A revelation in the light of day. You can’t choose what stays and what fades away.”

The Drumming inside her head is uncontrollable. A destructive love. Sexy. Unforgiving. She’s trying to break free, but it won’t let her. This attraction is all-encompassing. A chant. A prayer. The echo of the drum is resilient. An almighty roar calling for her. Needing her. Wanting her. Can you hear it? It only happens when you’re around.

“Louder than sirens. Louder than bells. Sweeter than heaven. Hotter than hell.”

An intricate dance heard through a choir of celestial voices. Shake It Out. Shake it out! Let go and start again. Florence knows best. Her anthem of power will give you goosebumps. It will make you raise your voice and sing along. Don’t fight it. You know you’re unable to resist. It’s an old friend. It surrounds you, holds you. It makes you feel alive. It reminds you to listen to your heart; put your fears and past behind. Just shake it out.

“I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart. ‘Cause I like to keep my issues strong. It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Hooray! The Dog Days Are Over. Love has been released and set free. See her dance, twirl and jump, shimmy to the euphoric rhythm. Feel the heartbeat of the song with every pulse of applause. Hear the tranquility in her sweet spiritual falsetto break. Allow it to lift you up, make you smile. There is nothing like it. There could never be. Tell everyone, the dog days are over.

“And I never wanted anything from you, except everything you had and what was left after that too.”

Come back next week for the conclusion of Florence + The Machine: Artist of the Month. Reminder! Submissions for the final post are due Wednesday, September 26th. If you would like more information on how to contribute click HERE, or contact me via Tweet, Facebook, or E-mail.

What is your favorite FATM song? Favorite cover? Favorite album? What is your favorite Florence lyric? Have you seen them perform live? Are you obsessed with Florence + The Machine? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Peggy Isaacs says:

    Love, love, love Flo and I love this post!

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